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  • Sweden's foremost herbalist, one of the founders of the Nordic School of Nutrition & Phytotherapy and founder of Phytotherapy school.

    Michael has presented his work around the world and it has been published in scientific journals. His book 'Herbal medicine - natures healing power' is also available to purchase and download on this site. Michael will be there to guide throughout your course as you gain an intimate knowledge of herbs and their powers of healing pain and much more.

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    If you are interested, do not hesitate to get in contact. Find out more about the course literature & what it takes to become a practising herbalist.

The content of the education

You will learn to use hundreds of different herbs and how they can be combined with medicinal mushrooms and nutritional supplements for each organ system.
Each course begins with a physiological review of the body's various systems. Then possible causes of the body's dysfunction are presented, for example environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies.
Then follow extensive descriptions of herbal disease treatments related to the use of various herbs and fungi.

Advanced education

The education is at a high level. In the course material there are a lot of quotes from current research, these are usually in English. The research is about different things that are relevant to each course, it can be herbs, amino acids, vitamins, diets, drinking habits, smoking and more.

Diet and Nutrition Therapist

A qualified education for you who want to work with dietary advice and as a nutritionist. Continuous admission means you can start whenever you want! The education can largely be read at a distance.

Herbal therapy

An advanced education in herbal therapy based on both the latest research and traditional applications


Micronutrients are about the small components of the diet, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, unlike macronutrients which are about carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is an education for you who want deep knowledge in micronutrients.

Certified dietician

An education for you who want to work with dietary advice, based on both science and proven experience.

Herbal and Nutrition Therapist

An advanced education for you who want to work with herbal medicines and natural nutrients. Continuous admission, that means you can start whenever you want! The education can largely be read at a distance.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy as it is also called, is the most widely used method of medicine in the world. Interest in the healing properties of plants has increased in recent years.


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Who will be there to guide you?

Learn more about the founder of the Phytotherapy School
Dr Michael McMullen

With a continued desire for learning & to teach others, Michael has developed a course that takes in the latest scientific developments in medical and herbal research & how to use these tools together to promote health & well-being.

Links to good places

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